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Bilfinger GREYLOGIX is the reliable partner for your industrial processes as an industrial service provider with many years of experience and process engineering know-how. We take into account the constantly changing framework conditions, such as CHP subsidies and the pricing of emission rights. In addition to the economic evaluation, our solutions include planning and implementation of the process and control technology integration in existing as well as in new plants. Bilfinger GREYLOGIX was the first SIEMENS Professional worldwide. Nevertheless, today we can offer a portfolio of products and services that is rarely found in this industry. We are also very familiar with legacy systems, such as Teleperm C and Iskamatic. This makes us the expert in migrating existing legacy systems. One of our focal points within power plant control technology is turbine control and OEM-independent turbine retrofits. Here we can provide you with a team of experts.

Gas, electricity, heating/cooling, water, wastewater, biogas, hot water, condensing boiler and steam boiler systems, refrigeration systems, combined heat and power (CHP), solar-assisted heating systems, wood boiler systems, biomass combustion systems, district heating systems, virtual power plant

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