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Mannloch-Closure with key transfer system

Locked – and secured!

Containers, silos and chambers, the entry of which is associated with an increased safety risk, often do not have a suitable safety system that prevents the opening of the maintenance accesses during dangerous operating conditions.
The easily retrofittable Bilfinger GreyLogix foodtec key transfer system ensures that maintenance openings remain locked until there is no longer any danger to people or the plant. When accesses are open, this in turn prevents dangerous operating states – such as restarting the plant or even activating explosion suppression – from occurring.

For this purpose, each maintenance opening – such as manholes, sliding and swing doors or flaps – has a locking device that can only be opened with a key specially made for this device. This key can only be removed from the lock after the maintenance opening has been closed.

During operation, the keys are stored in a key rack that has a separate slot for each individual key, which is monitored electronically. When the keys are removed, the system is locked against unsafe operating states so that, for example, the system cannot be restarted until all the associated keys are inserted in the key rack again.

The Bilfinger GreyLogix foodtec key transfer system does not require any additional wiring to the access openings, making it particularly suitable for retrofitting existing systems.

Lösungen für Sprühtürme

Sprühturm Retrofit



vertex – Kühlsystem

detex – CO-Detektion

Your advantages

  • Double security through mechanical locking of the openings and electronic monitoring of the key insertion positions (electrical interlocking)
  • Individual key profiles for each locking device
  • Connection to emergency stop chain (in case of attempted removal during operation)
  • Easy to retrofit, as no piping is required to the individual openings
  • Simple technical protective measure to be implemented by the operator within the meaning of the BetrSichV (German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health).
  • For areas where people can be locked in: additional personal security keys