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vertex – Cooling systems for spray towers

In the spray drying process, if there is no fresh air supply to the gas-air heater, in the event of an emergency stop or a power failure (supply air fan switched off), the air in the gas-air heater can heat up considerably due to the stored heat and the air in the gas-air heater can become very hot.
A surface temperature on the process air side of the gas-air heater of 500 to 550°C must be assumed. The hot air can rise in the system. In the worst case, it rises against the process air direction into the supply air duct, possibly also taking powder particles with it, and produces overheating of the drying chamber there.

This in turn can lead to a fire or, in the worst case, to an explosion of the powder in the drying chamber, not to mention the sensory effects on the product.
In order to avoid a supply of overheated air to the drying chamber during start-up or restart and thus to counteract overheating, Bilfinger GreyLogix foodtec has developed a spray tower cooling system vertex. vertex is able to avoid overheating of the supply air of the drying chamber and to cool it in a controlled manner, independent of the mains voltage.
The basic principle is based on evaporative cooling, which is achieved by a fine atomization of water into the supply air duct of the drying chamber. The energy thus extracted from the hot air reduces its temperature to a non-critical value, without causing any damage to the powder present in the drying.



  • Standard control cabinet with front access (600 x 600 x 210 (mm))
  • Compact, easy-to-maintain design
  • Direct integration into the GreyLogix extinguishing system
  • Open interface system (Ethernet, Profinet, Profibus, 4..20mA standard)
  • Profinet connection as standard interface
  • UPS system standard
  • Operating media failure independent
  • Automatic process sequences (after triggering automatic emptying and filling)

Lösungen für Sprühtürme

detex – CO-Detektion
vertex – Kühlsystem
Sprühturm Retrofit


  • Compact and easy to maintain
  • Compatible with GreyLogix extinguishing system
  • UPS as standard
  • Fully automated process flows

»We trust in the innovative and secure solutions of GreyLogix.«

»For our company at the Aurich site, in my function as head of electrical engineering, I have the claim to keep our plants at the current state of the art. With the Detex CO detection, we have a solution that corresponds to the current state of the art and offers maximum availability and safety for our spray dryer. With this system, we have the possibility to get the modernization of the safety technology from one source.
The company Bilfinger Greylogix foodtec offers us good solutions for this purpose.«

Dieter Geiken (Rücker GmbH – Aurich)