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24/7 on-call service!

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The basic aim of the on-call service is to ensure rapid troubleshooting in the event of a fault. During normal working hours, you can reach your responsible contact person under the usual telephone numbers, as usual. In addition, our 24/7 hotline is available to you outside these hours. The hotline is always manned by system specialists who already know your system.

Our triple-secured on-call service provides support in clarifying and eliminating malfunctions, questions, and problems that arise during operations.

Each standby order is accompanied by a system profile. This profile is stored in a secure documentation database and contains a condensed overview of all important system data, such as dial-up data, passwords, IP configurations, system description, hardware and software supplied, system photos, structure diagrams, and much more.

Our on-call model is characterized in particular by the fact that we take customer calls in two heavily manned and thus redundant call centers and can thus guarantee 100 percent availability. Should one of the call centers fail or be overloaded, the other call center automatically takes over. Our call center agents only need four pieces of information from you – caller name, company name, callback number and a customer-specific code number – to verify you as a customer. Your call is logged electronically in a ticket system and then forwarded to the system specialist responsible for your plant.

Our on-call model is structured in such a way that three employees each (standby, backup, emergency service) can take the call from the call center agent. This ensures high availability and short response times. The fastest possible callback to you is always made by a system specialist, who discusses with you the further procedure for eliminating the malfunctions and problems.

Telephone on-call service
The provision of on-call service (24/7/365) is covered under a fixed service number. In dialog with the responsible person on site, malfunctions can often be identified and eliminated by telephone. Upon receipt of the fault report, the hours incurred are billed on a time and material basis.

On-call service with remote dial-in
In addition to telephone support, we can also dial into the process control system through a system specialist for active troubleshooting and root cause analysis, and thus detect and eliminate malfunctions and errors. Our many years of experience have shown that the additional option of this remote dial-in enables approx. 90-95 % of all malfunctions or problems to be detected and usually also rectified. This minimizes the need for on-site service.

On-call service with on-site service
If the problem cannot be solved by phone or dial-in, one word is enough and our service technicians are on their way to you. The guaranteed response times or on-site times are agreed with you to keep any downtimes to a minimum.