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Technical documentation

Every plant, whether it is a combined heat and power plant, a natural gas storage facility or an offshore wind farm, requires complete and up-to-date documentation for safe and economical operation. This is the only way to ensure and prove that all components are compatible with each other and meet the specific requirements of your plant. Comprehensible manuals ensure knowledge of the correct operation of your plant and help to avoid errors and solve even minor problems.

In order to provide you with this high-quality documentation, Bilfinger GreyLogix Technical Documentation works closely with the project teams and accompanies them throughout the entire project duration, from quotation preparation to FAT documentation and final as-built documentation. For each project milestone, you can either rely on the proven BGx standard for documentation, developed based on relevant standards and guidelines such as DIN 82079-1 or VDI R 4500. Or it can be created exactly according to your specifications, so that the documentation can be easily incorporated into your existing structures.

Legally compliant documentation with a system

Whether you are building a new plant for which you need a special document structure or your existing documentation is still a “loose-leaf collection” and you want to bring it into a proven system: Bilfinger GreyLogix Technical Documentation can prepare it and integrate it optimally into your workflows.

This ranges from structuring and updating documents in paper form in folders on site, to filing in your file system, to creating a document management system customized for you. Of course, always in consideration of your wishes and requirements.

Bilfinger Life Science Automation is international

Bilfinger GreyLogix operates globally and is represented in many European and non-European countries. The Technical Documentation department takes care that the documentation is available in the languages you need and want. English translations are done in-house by trained translators and native speakers using professional tools. This ensures that the content is clear and easy to understand. For translations into other languages, Technical Documentation works closely with competent and experienced translation agencies.

Comprehensible and up to date

During the lifecycle of a project, vast amounts of correspondence, descriptions, instructions, drawings and revisions of these are generated. To ensure that every project member, whether on the Bilfinger GreyLogix side or on the customer side, can keep track of this mass of documents, Technical Documentation sits as the hub between you and the Bilfinger GreyLogix staff. All correspondence goes through Technical Documentation, which checks all documents to be sent and records when which documents were sent to whom and with what status. This service is not limited to emails; Sharepoint, Conject, EASY, whatever platform you use, Technical Documentation can handle document routing.

Our services at a glance

  • Full project support, from quotation to as-built documentation
  • Platform-independent document control
  • Document review by trained technical writers
  • Translations
    • In-house German and English by trained translators and native speakers
    • Externally into any other language by competent translation agencies
  • Terminology creation
  • Structuring and preparation of your documentation